Pharmacy Informatics Specialist

Company Name:
BryanLGH Medical Center
Pharmacy Informatics Specialist
Department: Pharmacy (15360)
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Day shift - Exempt
Hours: 8am-5pm; M - F
Job Details:

The Department of Pharmacy has the responsibility for the implementation and coordination of drug control in the process of providing pharmaceutical care for patients of all ages within the Medical Center. The Pharmacy Informatics Specialist is responsible for the clinical and medication use procedural dimensions of the pharmacy information system, the integrated medical record, clinical documentation system, and the inpatient and ambulatory prescriber order entry systems. This employee is responsible for the coordination of the system with an intimate understanding of changing scientific and biomedical evidence, a dynamic medication distribution system, and maturing technology.
Commits to the mission, vision, beliefs and consistently demonstrates our core values.
Acts as Pharmacy liaison in maintaining pharmacy drug databases, formulary drug files, billing formulas/methods, and data reporting aspects pertaining to pharmacy information and automation systems.
Supports price updates in pharmacy information and automation systems with regard to contract updates, item price changes, and billing formula changes.
Acts to carry out assigned priorities from the Provider POE team, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system personnel, Pharmacy leadership, and Pharmacy Service Organization as it relates to CPOE implementation; develops CPOE training materials, oversees drug product catalog development and assures systems are in place to maintain catalog consistency between Pharmacy and CPOE databases.
Supports assessment, evaluation and testing plans for changes, upgrades, or new applications to pharmacy information and automation systems and their potential impact on other Medical Center information systems prior to implementation.
Provides first line assistance for pharmacy computer down time support.
Assists assigned pharmacy personnel in effectively communicating changes and upgrades in pharmacy information systems and automation to pharmacy staff members and medical staff members as applicable.
In collaboration with others, ensures the data integrity of pharmacy information and automation systems.
Ensures that pharmacy information systems comply with State and Federal laws, Joint Commission and other regulatory standards for documentation.
Responds to pharmacy department requests for statistical reports.
Assists assigned pharmacy staff in the training of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy billing staff and pharmacy clerical staff on pharmacy information and automation systems and applicable Medical Center information systems; develops pharmacy information system and automation training materials.
Serves as a resource within the Medical Center for pharmacy information and automation systems.
Assists pharmacy personnel in assessing pharmacy information system and automation needs and collaboratively develops hardware and software solutions for pharmacy services; conducts evaluations of future pharmacy software and hardware applications as requested.
Adheres to safety, privacy, compliance and security procedures to promote a safe and secure environment.
Participates in Pharmacy Department education and training programs as requested; attends all mandatory in-services and meetings.
Entry-level degree (B.S., Pharm.D) from an accredited college of pharmacy required. Completion of a Pharmacy Informatics residency accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists preferred. Pharmacist licensure in the State of Nebraska is required. Minimum of six (6) months work experience in hospital pharmacy information and automation systems functionality required.

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