Software Developer

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Software Engineers write and modify programs based on project specifications and client submissions. They work closely with other team members to resolve questions of program intent, output requirements and input data use. Software Engineers maintain or create a variety of programs existing at different levels of complexity as well as functionality.
Responsible for evaluating client requests for new or modified programs, and investigating current operational procedures. Duties can also include the conversion of financial information from old database formats to those compatible with new software. Ideal candidates are detail-oriented, can communicate clearly and work well in a team environment.
Degree in
Science, Business, Math, Finance or Management Information Systems is preferred
Experience with .NET, Silverlight, C#, , Visual Basic or C++ is beneficial
Experience with SQL Server database development is beneficial
Experience with WCF, Web
and n-Tier architecture is beneficial
Knowledge of DB2 or Progress databases is beneficial
Familiarity with Microsoft Word & Excel
Financial industry interest and experience is beneficial
Fiserv, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and maintains a Drug-Free Workplace
Company Description:
Going Up?
Today's shifting demands require a partner who shares your goals with the proven expertise to help you reach them. For more than 16,000 clients worldwide, Fiserv is transforming the way financial services are delivered to ensure business growth. With Fiserv, you have the power to go places. The power within.

Fiserv Technology Makes the Difference
Through thousands of partnerships with clients worldwide and hundreds of solutions, Fiserv touches almost every part of financial services - online & mobile banking, account processing, e-payments, lending, wealth management...our technology makes the difference in every interaction.

Fiserv Technology: Consumer Reach and Scale
Fiserv technology simplifies financial transactions. We enable 120 million deposit accounts, 60 million online banking users, and 23 million active bill payment users, making financial transactions easy to allow people to focus on the things that really matter: planning, living and prospering.

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